Church:TheNextBestThing Sunday 1.13.2020

We are so very saddened theres no sermon to share this Sunday. The good good Reverend had to fly out for a conference. We wish him good speed. In our other portion of church news our first annual vigil was awesome. We had a playlist of closer my God to thee,Wade in the water then we reach back and got some in the upper room. It was a Whole blessing. You should have been with us. Since theres no sermon to share we asked our speaker to share something to leave you with…and he found this..

Thank you for that introduction …….Do not be anxious about anything..because having a bible verse in your bio doesn’t make you a good person. But in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests. And he will hide in your heart a good direction for your every step. Now go check…..didn’t he just answer your prayer.

as a personal note…this happened to me three times last week.

Church:TheNextBestThing Sunday 1.08.2020

Todays sermons has 10 things even you can do that will make you go out and love yourself….

  • Be Positive,hoe
  • Be on time,hoe
  • Be cooperative ,hoe
  • Be Polite,hoe
  • Be Respectful,hoe
  • Be diligent,hoe
  • Be willing to learn,hoe
  • Be quite, hoe
  • Be on the look out,hoe
  • Be a friend,hoe

#thoughts lest you wont love yourself

straight ghetto preaching sermonette was delivered December 8th in front of a full house,host of fellowship churchs too